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Welcome to the 2013 launch of the EvoSysBio course

The website is up, the course has started, let's watch it evolve.

What this folder is...

  • In this folder you can follow general public news for this course.
  • You may find scientific talks at UW-Madison highlighted that might be interesting to you from an evolutionary and/or systems biology and/or modeling perspective. While course participants don't have to attend these, they might find them inspiring.


What this folder isn't ...

  • This folder will not help you get reminded of the various submission deadlines if you are a participant in this course. Use the weekly repeat function in the calendar program on your computer or smart-phone for that.
  • It's not a complete history of everything that has happened in the course. To see that you would have to be in the course and have a login. If you want to stay up to date with site content, you can subscribe to the corresponding RSS feed at:

  • It is not, where participants put content. All Projects, ReLogs and Feedback are in other folders and protected, hence only visible to whoever is logged in.
  • It's not the place where instructors will put content. That would be either on the Instructor's ReLog for the corresponding year (e.g. 2013) or in the general EvoSysBio area or the Glossary words from foreign disciplines.
  • It's not where most pressing questions get debated. That would be in the Forums. 

Laurence Loewe Portrait

A brief comment from the course organizer

This is an exciting new course. After much preparation it has finally arrived. A new field, a new course and a new course design. The biggest emphasis is to provide a safe learning environment for researchers who want to experiment with different ideas and along the way develop productive research habits, develop their potential for innovation and their ability to critique data, models and ideas. As all new courses, this one has a lot of room to grow. So I will be interested in your feedback. Don't hesitate to contact me. 

Good luck for all your research!
Laurence Loewe, Assistant Professor 
Laboratory of Genetics and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, University of Wisconsin-Madison.