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Syllabus of this course with learning goals and some course specific practical details
Syllabus for Genetics 546 in its latest edition and older variants.
Why take this course?
Students from diverse disciplines learn how to communicate and model their science
Learning for Life
A set of skills and values that will help you to keep learning so you can make the most of the opportunities you have.
Teaching Philosophy
Some statements about how to learn effectively that have helped inform the design of this course.
Learning Goals - EvoSysBio
Learning goals of this course that are specific to evolutionary systems biology.
Grading reflects research engagement. No final exam. Instead what counts are your ReLogs, peer-reviews and revisions to your project proposal.
Entry agreement
As a condition of being part of this course you have to enter into this agreement. Read it carefully.
Deadlines Overview
General patterns for when submissions are going to be due. Late submissions can cost you points, so submit on time.
Call for Proposals - Overview
Your group project in this course is to write a research proposal that could be funded by this call for proposals by YARA, the Yet Another Research Agency.
Call for Proposals - Details
In this course you write your research proposal in response to this call for proposals in the area of evolutionary systems biology.

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