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Call for Proposals - Overview

Your group project in this course is to write a research proposal that could be funded by this call for proposals by YARA, the Yet Another Research Agency.


Important deadlines (no exceptions; no late proposals will be accepted):

  • Sept, 29, 2016 before lecture 11 am: Submit Outline, final team composition and plan of work.
  • Oct 27, 2016 before lecture 11 am: Submit first draft
  • Nov 17, 2016 before lecture 11 am: Submit 2nd draft
  • Dec 1, 2016, before lecture 11 am Central time (hard deadline, no flexibility): Submit final version



Innovation increasingly occurs at the edges where different disciplines meet. To stimulate such interdisciplinary work in the emerging area of evolutionary systems biology we solicit research proposals that build bridges between disparate fields, methods and datasets in order to arrive at a deeper and more integrated understanding of biological processes. Proposals could address fundamental questions in basic research or propose innovative practical applications or both. Preference will be given to proposals that

  • build innovative bridges between quantitative models in evolutionary genetics and quantitative models of molecular processes or
  • advance the state of the art in model building or simulation methods based on a clear biological modeling need. 



To be eligible for funding applicants need to

  • bring together a truly interdisciplinary team including at least one researcher on the biological side and at least one researcher on the quantitative / computing / math / engineering side;
  • develop a research proposal that requires expertise on both sides for realization;
  • produce some preliminary data that draws on expertise on both sides.



Please follow the detailed instructions for preparing your proposal as given here. If in doubt, ask your Course Instructor.

All proposals are to be developed in the assigned folder on the EvoSysBio-Course website; As soon as all group members agree and before the corresponding deadlines, the proposals are to be submitted by executing the following simple steps:

  • Check the "Save as new version" box and enter a "Change note" that starts with "Submission YYYY-MM-DD " and ends with a description of the submission stage ("Outline", "Draft" or "Final"). For example, the initial outline due on Oct 2, 2015 would have a "Change note" that reads  "Submission 2015-10-02 Outline".
  • Move the proposal out of the "Private" work flow state (where only your group can see it) and into the "Internal Draft" work flow state, so others can see it. 




If you have any questions about this call for proposals please contact the YARA program officer (, tel 608-316-4324) or submit a question to the corresponding forum.