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Deadlines Overview

General patterns for when submissions are going to be due. Late submissions can cost you points, so submit on time.

Weekly deadlines

These deadlines are negotiated with each new course within the first few weeks of starting. This gives all a bit of time to find a rhythm that works best for all in the course. Below are the times used by the last course.

Do not miss these deadlines, as this may cost you points. Should you ever have trouble meeting any of these deadlines, please let the course instructor know ahead of time. Exceptions may be granted under rare circumstances, so don't count on it.

  • Tuesday 1:00-2:15pm Class: topic lecture + question time
  • Wed 23:59pm ReLog post submission deadline
  • Thursday 1:00-2:15 pm Class: lab exercises (bring your computer), proposal planning, discussion and question time
  • Friday 23:59pm Peer review deadline

Project proposal deadlines

See timeline in the Project Proposal Overview.

Weekly Tasks

You are free to schedule these any time you like; regular times are recommended.

  • Reading time (you alone)
  • Research time (build model, analyze data)
  • Team discussion/sync time: 30-60 min / week or more as needed
  • You alone: 30-60 min writing time / day or as needed.