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Social skills

Research is increasingly collaborative and always performed in some social context.

Developing the following social skills will help you in your research.

 Collaboration skills:

  1. Collaborate by saying YES and NO appropriately.
  2. Ask for help and recognize when you really need it.
  3. Delegate appropriately and with clear lines of responsibility.
  4. Understand all contracts you agree to, how laws work and the basics of intellectual property law.
  5. Be professional under stress.

Communication skills:

  1. Comunicate professionally by following email etiquette, netiquette, forum policies and avoiding flamewars.
  2. Understand and respect privacy.
  3. Give excellent presentations that serve real audience needs.
  4. Have an elevator speech ready to explain your research in 2 minutes to a strangers.
  5. Comunicate the broader impacts of your research.    

Value development, decision and awareness skills:

  1. Decide when to trust someone and when someone will first have to earn trust.
  2. Caring about others and understanding why, while also caring for yourself.
  3. Developing ethical values that reflect the equal dignity of all human beings. 
  4. Be aware how cultural currents can carry over into our research.
  5. Be aware of potential ethical implications of your research.