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The EvoSysBio Course: Helping you to build mechanistic biology models in Fall 2017

Building your own computational model of a small part of biology will develop your science skills like little else.



In this course you will ...

  • Pick your own research topic and work with others in an interdisciplinary group
  • Hone your problem-solving skills in an active problem-based learning environment
  • Learn the 5 W's of modeling: What system, Which parts, When actions occur, Where, & Why?
  • Explore the predictive power of modeling in biology, draw boundaries, recognize limitations
  • Learn to use a modeling tool designed to be accessible and mathematically accurate
  • Receive one-on-one help from an expert with 15+ years of modeling experience
  • Learn how to write the grants needed to fund your scientific research instead of taking exams


Prerequisite: You will need an open mind and an interest in interdisciplinary approaches to modeling in biology.

Open Enrollment: Undergrads and grad students from any field related to Biology, from molecular to ecology and evolution,

Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Stats, Computer Science or Engineering are welcome!

Please download the Syllabus here.


Please contact Laurence Loewe:

email:, phone: +1(608)-316-4324

Laboratory of Genetics and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW-Madison


To sign up for Fall 2017, use Class Number 61566 (Genetics), cross-listed as Class Number 61707 (Medical Genetics).
Watch out for change to the permanent course number as the application is being processed.

Using these Class Numbers above is much easier than using the current course number, "Genetics 677-Section11".

The course is about to get the permanent course number Genetics 546 (application is being processed).


The Evolutionary Systems Biology Course @ UW-Madison

3 Credits | Genetics 677-Section11 | Lecture Tue 4:00-5:15pm + Lab Thu 4:00-6:00pm

Location: Wendt Commons 410B | organized by Laurence Loewe

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