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Apply for student login

To participate in this interactive course you will need a login to this website. Please apply below.

To participate in this course you will need a login, which will be provided based on the details you enter here. Before you start typing, make sure you have a login name prepared that you really want, as that one is hard to change. Do not enter any account info that you use otherwise (eg for your UW-account). It helps if you provide some details on the computing equipment you can use in the course. Any other background info you provide helps us to adapt the course content to your needs.

That's it. Please check again, especially that your login name is what you want; then submit.

After submission you need to do the following (this list is also given on the thank you page shown after you hit submit, but not elsewhere):

  1. Please read on the course website  "How to" > "Choose good passwords" and prepare 2 passwords of that long type. You will need one for your author login and one for when you log in as a reviewer. 
  2. Please read carefully, print and sign the "Course" > "Entry Agreement", which lists conditions that you have to agree to if you want to be part of this course. Please bring your signed copy to class.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the course syllabus and the timelines on the main page and feel free to look around.