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EvoSysBio Course Fall 2015: Enrollment is open

Now you can enroll in the course that will help you build systems biology models in Fall 2015.

Models are the maps of modern biology.

Learn to read them.


This course is about the bigger picture. About making connections. About making models.

Molecules in cells. Individuals in ecosystems. Evolution of cancer cells. Long-term evolution.


                                  You name it. You model it. You map it.


Building your own map of a small part of biology will develop your science skills like little else.


In this course you will:

  • Pick your own topic and interdisciplinary group to work with
  • Model a system of your choice and explore its predictive power and limitations
  • Learn to use Evolvix to describe biological models with mathematical accuracy
  • Receive one-on-one help from an expert with broad biological modeling skills
  • Write a weekly Research Log to explain what you have learned to your peers
  • Write a research grant application and improve it
  • Never take a single exam



Interest and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary approaches to modeling in biology.
All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome from any field related to Biology, 
Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Stats, Computer Science or Engineering.
This class is open enrollment.



Please contact Laurence Loewe:

email:, phone: +1(608)-316-4324

Laboratory of Genetics and Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW-Madison

Signing up:

To sign up for Fall 2015 use Class Number 51959 (Genetics),
cross listed as Class Number 72097 (Medical Genetics).

The official course number is below, but using Class Numbers is much easier.


The Evolutionary Systems Biology Course @ UW-Madison

3 Credits | Genetics 677-Section11 | Tue + Thu 1-2:15pm | Sterling Hall room 2425 | organized by Laurence Loewe