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All projects developed by students of this course.

An important part of this course for you as a student is to work in a small research team to produce a project proposal. Working and submitting this proposal has many of the hallmarks that come with writing real research proposals that are then submitted as grants to funding agencies:

  • They need to have innovative ideas.
  • They need to detail what has been done before.
  • They need some preliminary data to show that the proposed work is feasible. 
  • They need many revisions to make them competitive.
  • They need to anticipate potential criticism and address it effectively.
  • They need to be delivered to an exact deadline. Agencies don't make exceptions!

An increasingly important part of many areas of research is the collaboration in teams, many of which are increasingly interdisciplinary. This course:

  • Aims to prepare you for work in such teams.
  • Asks you early on to build teams such that every participant has a team.
  • Aims to include researchers from different disciplines in each team: 
    • some with more biological backgrounds
    • some with more quantitative backgrounds. 

This part of the website is where these project proposals are developed. To provide a protected learning environment, these projects are only visible to participants of this course that are logged in.  If you are a student of this course, you and your team will get a dedicated folder where you can create as many webpages as you need to develop your project.

All the latest project proposals of this course are here.