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ReLogs developed by students currently in this course.

An important part of this course for you as a student is to develop your own thoughts and writing skills. You do this by writing a weekly ReLog.

ReLog stands for ResearchLog or ReflectiveLog or ReviewLog or ReporterLog.

Here are more details on what ReLogs are and how to best write them.

This part of the website is where all ReLogs are developed.

To provide a protected learning environment, they are only visible to participants of this course that are logged in.
If you are a student of this course, you will get a dedicated folder for your ReLog.
Please access the ReLogs by logging in and choosing the drop-down menu with the corresponding ReLog.

In your folder you can add as many pages, news items, folders etc as you like. Make sure you keep all non-ReLog material either in the "private" status (as indicated by a red label at the right end of the green menu bar) or put it in a sub-folder or prefix the title with 'LabBook', 'Notes' or similar to make clear that it is not part of your ReLog.


ReLogs from the 2014 course

ReLogs of the Fall 2013 course are here.


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